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VOice Over

I loved how quickly Lucas was able to respond and the quality was excellent! -Justin S.

Northern Trust

From beginning to end it was a collaborative effort. Lucas took all our notes and his revisions were excellent. -Ori N. 

Last days of Lazarus

This was our third time working with lucas and he did not disappoint. -Catalin M.


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Foxtrot- Conversational, Millenial
BodyArmor- Inspiring, Excited
Tally App Ad- Sweet, Quirky
Living Legends- Evil, Trickster
Patrick Coron- Acting, Screaming
Lazarus- Acting, Dramatic
Pop & Culture- Narration
WhatNews- Narration


Video Game & 


Kids Toy- Silly, Zany, Fun
Duke & Dame Whiskey- Authentic

Culligan Water- In an effort to brand their water to young families, Culligan Water hired me for this VO. Would you believe that this was recorded using using my very own studio and booth?


To kick off Montana Shakespeare in the Park's Spring Season, this promo announces a special peformance of their production of Goofs, Gaffs, Flubs and Fumbles.

Montana Shakes Spring Promo
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