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 Recent Projects 

As of April 6th 2021, I completed the Audiobook The Art of Setting Goals and Achieving Them by Kevin Hazarika, avaliable on Audible!

I currently voice several characters for the youtube adaptation of 'UnOrdinary'; a well loved anime webcomic, that follows a group of super powered students who attend a brutally competitive school. Listen to myself as the character Isen below!

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Since quarantine, I've been creating audio sketches that parody podcast ads. You can hear them here and on my brother's podcast "How's LA? with Jake Prizant" on Spotify and itunes!

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Snake Brothers-Serial
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Asstronaut President-Movie
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Spending Time With Your Son-Ad
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In November of 2019 I performed in a long lost Radio Play written by Rod Serling that follows the ridiculous hijinks between the Cincinnati Reds and the Russian Embassy. I recorded with WVXU Cincinnati Public Radio and had a blast meeting Anne Serling! Here's a clip from O'toole from Moscow, available on Spotify.